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Returning Descendant

Returning Descendant

Adventure: Age of Ashes

You aren't from Breachill yourselfyou might not even be from Isger or Avistan at all. You've lived a hard life, in any event. You have often had to make tough decisions, and have developed a knack for understanding how things work (and the best way to take them apart) that has helped you support yourself. Recently you discovered that an ancestor was from the town of Breachill and had a modest career as an adventurer. You can't help but wonder if you would have had an easier life if you'd grown up there instead, and have decided to seek out this small town to learn more about it.

You've decided to respond to the Call for Heroes to follow in your ancestor's footsteps, either to honor their memory or accomplish the great deeds they did not.

Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Dexterity or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.

You're trained in the Thievery skill, and the Engineering Lore skill. You gain the Pickpocket skill feat.

Source: Age of Ashes Player's Guide pg. 5