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Communication Bangle

Communication Bangle Level 1


Access Membership in the Envoy's Alliance Pathfinder Society faction.
Price 10 gp
Bulk 0
Usage worn

This simple brass ring is meant to be worn as an ornamentation piece to an outfit, oftentimes as a bangle on the wrist, as the ring closure of a scarf or sash, or as an ornamentation piece of a headdress. While decorative, this serves a cover for the bangle's function as a message bearer. Messages can be coded into the bangle, either through a series of raised dots and dashes or a pattern of notches of different depths and spacings. A bangle is large enough to hold a simple message consisting of a few words like “Danger. Flee.” or “Meeting. Sunset. Fountain.” Coding a message into a bangle requires 1 minute of time. All Pathfinders with access to communication bangles are taught how to code and read most basic messages, but anyone with a bangle can develop their own communication system. A creature inspecting a bangle can discover its true purpose by succeeding at a DC 20 Perception check. Deciphering a message requires a creature to succeed at a Society check against the coder's Deception DC.

Source Pathfinder Society Guide pg. 26