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Lover's Inc

Lover's Inc Level 2

Rare Aclhemical Consumable

Price 5 gp
Bulk L
Usage with writing set
Hands 2

This ink, derived from inks used by lovers to deliver secret messages, dries to a color similar to most parchments. Avarneus's version requires another dose of lover's ink and a specific agitation to reveal the Hidden message, preventing casual interception. Any message written with lovers' ink is revealed by applying a page worth of lover's ink and vigorously shaking, requiring 3 Interact actions. A typical vial provides enough ink to fill 1 page worth of text. While the text is hidden, a creature closely examining a surface marked with lover's ink can detect the presence of the ink with a successful DC 25 Perception check. On a critical success, they can make out the ink well enough to use Society to Decipher Writing.

Source Legends pg. 24