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Some extraordinary magic items grow in power along with a character, gaining abilities that add to an adventurer’s legend. These are called relics, and owning one can define a character more than any other magic item could.

Name Type Level
Deadly Spark Air Minor
Feather Steps Air Minor
Wind Barrier Air Minor
Lightning Storm Air Major
Propelling Winds Air Major
Living Storm Air Grand
Beast Senses Beast Minor
Call of the Wild Beast Minor
Feral Claws Beast Minor
Form of Fury Beast Major
Track of the Beast Beast Major
Form of Vengeance Beast Grand
Divine Retribution Celestial Minor
Heaven's Grace Celestial Minor
Word of Faith Celestial Minor
Holy Light Celestial Major
Righteous Call Celestial Major
Angelic Vessel Celestial Grand
Death Gaze Death Minor
Living Death Death Minor
Shroud of the Afterlife Death Minor
Pierce the Veil Death Major
Tide of Death Death Major
Grim Specter Death Grand
Ease Burden Earth Minor
Rolling Geode Earth Minor
Shattered Earth Earth Minor
Raise Ramparts Earth Major
Underground Bounty Earth Major
Living Statue Earth Grand
Curse Wound Fiend Minor
Fiendish Defiance Fiend Minor
Little Helper Fiend Minor
Fiendish Bargain Fiend Major
Profane Fervor Fiend Major
Command Legion Fiend Grand
Flare Bolt Fire Minor
Heat Haze Fire Minor
Incandescent Sight Fire Minor
Jet Propulsion Fire Major
Searing Wave Fire Major
Blazing Soul Fire Grand
Bestow Life Life Minor
Healing Wave Life Minor
Overflowing Life Life Minor
Inextinguishable Life Major
Vitality Siphon Life Major
Life Everlasting Life Grand
Linguistics Nexus Mind Minor
Recalculate Mind Minor
Repository of Knowledge Mind Minor
Perception Filter Mind Major
Psychic Scream Mind Major
Mental Bastion Mind Grand
Apothecary's Garden Plant Minor
Pollen Spray Plant Minor
Sprout Ally Plant Minor
Grappling Vine Plant Major
Petal Dance Plant Major
Megaflora Plant Grand
Encompassing Darkness Shadow Minor
Obscure Shadow Minor
Shadow Smith Shadow Minor
Dancing Shadow Shadow Major
Dark Roads Shadow Major
Umbral Body Shadow Grand
Lashing Currents Water Minor
Monsoon Curtain Water Minor
Tidal Crash Water Minor
Bottomless Reservoir Water Major
Flowing Footsteps Water Major
Ripples and Waves Water Grand