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Medusa's Scream

Medusa's Scream Level 13+

Magical Transmutation

Usage held in 1 hand

The ghastly visage of a slain medusa's head stares out from this Steel Shield (Hardness 13, HP 52, BT 26). The shield comes with a thick leather cover to conceal the head.

Activate Interact (visual); Frequency once per day; Effect You reveal the medusa's face, focusing its gaze on one creature within 30 feet. The shield casts Flesh To Stone with a range of 30 feet.

Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include the head of a medusa.

Medusa's Scream Level 13

Price 3,000 gp
Bulk 1

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 261

Medusa's Scream (Greater) Level 16

Price 9,000 gp
Bulk 1

A greater Medusa's Scream (Hardness 15, HP 60, BT 30) has a frequency of once per hour for its activation instead of once per day, and the DC is 35.

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 261