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Gourd Home

Gourd Home Level 9

Rare Conjuration Extradimensional Magical Structure

Price 650 gp
Bulk L (when not activated)

This dried gourd seems entirely nondescript, as it is hollow and has a sturdy cord wrapped around its neck for easy carrying. Closer inspection reveals the gourd has grown in the rough shape of a hut or similar small dwelling.

Activate (1 minute) Interact; Effect You place the Gourd Home on the ground (in an open area large enough to contain it) and cause it to expand in size to a 30-foot-square structure with one door. The interior of the gourd is a single large room that can hold 10 Small or Medium creatures with moderate comfort.

Activate Interact; Requirements The Gourd Home must be expanded into its house form atop earth or soil; Frequency once per day; Effect By rapping on the door from either outside or inside, you cause the Gourd Home to shrink back into its normal size and appear to be a non-magical gourd sitting on the ground. For the following 8 hours, the interior of the gourd home becomes an extradimensional space whose size appears unchanged to those within.

If anyone outside picks up or damages the gourd, or if anyone inside the gourd home attempts to exit, all creatures within the gourd home immediately reappear in the area surrounding the gourd, and the gourd home becomes inactive for 24 hours.

Source Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must Burn pg. 72