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Dance of Death

Dance of Death 16

Complex Haunt

Complexity: Complex
Stealth: +32 (master)
Description: An eerie orchestra compels all who hear it to dance until they collapse from exhaustion.

Disable: DC 42 Intimidation (expert) three times to frighten dancers and spectral musicians alike away from participating in the deadly performance, DC 40 Performance (master) twice to produce a tune discordant enough to disrupt the compulsion, or DC 42 Religion (master) three times to banish the spirits with prayers

(auditory, enchantment, incapacitation, occult) Trigger: A creature approaches within 30 feet of the orchestra Effect: The orchestra compels all creatures that can hear it to begin dancing. Each creature must attempt a DC 41 Will save, with the following effects.

Critical Success: The creature is unaffected.
Success: The creature is flat-footed and cannot use reactions. Additionally, it must spend 1 of its actions each round dancing. Dancing is a move action that allows the creature to Stride up to half its Speed.
Failure: As success, except the creature must spend 2 of its actions each round dancing.
Critical Failure: As failure, except the creature must spend 3 of its actions each round dancing.

Reset: The eerie orchestra spends an hour retuning its phantasmal instruments, after which it is ready to begin its routine again.

Source: Gamemastery Guide pg. 81