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Drowning Pit

Drowning Pit 3

Complex Mechanical Trap

Complexity: Complex
Stealth: +10 (trained); DC 22 (expert) to notice the water spouts once the pit opens
Description: A trapdoor covers a 10-foot-square pit that’s 30 feet deep and has 5 feet of water at the bottom. Four water spouts in the walls connect to hidden water tanks. Each water spout extends out of a different wall, 6 inches from the top of the pit.

Disable: Thievery DC 18 (trained) to seal each water spout, Thievery DC 22 (trained) to open the trapdoor, or Athletics DC 22 to Force Open the trapdoor

AC: 19 Fort: 8 Ref: 5
Hardness: Trapdoor Hardness 15, Spout Hardness 8 Hp: Trapdoor HP 60 (BT 30), Spout HP 32 (BT 16) Immunities: critical hits, object immunities, precision damage

Pitfall Trigger: A creature walks onto the trapdoor Effect: The triggering creature falls in and takes damage from the fall, reduced by 5 feet for falling into the water (typically 12 bludgeoning damage). A creature can Grab an Edge to avoid falling. The trapdoor then slams shut, and the hazard rolls initiative.

Reset: The trap can be if the door is manually reengaged and the water tanks refilled; it can be without draining the pit, but doing so renders it less effective.

Source: Core Rulebook pg. 526 2.0