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Hammer of Forbiddance

Hammer of Forbiddance 11

Magical Mechanical Trap

Complexity: Simple
Stealth: DC 30 (expert)
Description: An enormous hammer at an edifice’s entrance swings down in an attempt to damage a creature entering an area, push it back, and prevent it from going any further.

Disable: Thievery DC 28 (expert) once on the hammer itself and once on its joint to prevent the hammer from swinging

AC: 32 Fort: 24 Ref: 15
Hardness: Hammer Hardness 22; Joint Hardness 16 Hp: Hammer HP 88 (44); Joint HP 64 (BT 32) Immunities: critical hits, object immunities, precision damage

Forbid Entry (abjuration, attack, divine) Trigger: A creature attempts to enter through the entrance Effect: The hammer swings down, making an attack against the triggering creature. [b]Melee[/b] hammer +28, [b]Damage[/b] 6d8+20 bludgeoning plus the target is knocked back 10 feet and must succeed at a DC 30 Will save or be unable to enter the edifice through any entrance for 24 hours (on a critical hit, the target automatically fails the Will save); no multiple attack penalty

Reset: The trap resets over the course of the round, and is ready to swing again 1 round later.

Source: Core Rulebook pg. 525 2.0