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Telekinetic Swarm Trap

Telekinetic Swarm Trap 12

Complex Magical Mechanical Trap

Complexity: Complex
Stealth: +24 (expert)
Description: Three innocuous decorations instilled with telekinetic magic pull objects and pieces of the room itself into spinning clouds of debris that attack all creatures in the room.

Disable: Thievery DC 27 (expert) to take apart a telekinetic cloud, Thievery DC 32 (master) to each telekinetic decoration, or dispel magic (6th level; counteract DC 30) to counteract each telekinetic decoration
If a decoration’s cloud has been destroyed, the decoration instead spends its first action to create a new cloud of objects inside the room (using the starting damage value) and then its second and third actions to have the cloud move and attack.
Melee objects +24, Damage 2d12+10 bludgeoning
AC: 33 Fort: 24 Ref: 19
Hardness: 22 Hp: 88 (BT 44) per telekinetic cloud

Agitate (arcane, evocation) Trigger: A creature stays in the room for at least 6 seconds Effect: Each telekinetic decoration constructs a cloud of objects in the room (three clouds total) and the trap rolls initiative. The creatures in the room when the trap is triggered become the trap’s targets, regardless of whether they leave the room or other creatures later enter the room. Each decoration targets a different creature if possible. A target creature that moves at least 1 mile from the trap ceases being a target, at which point the decoration designates a new target.

Reset: The trap deactivates and resets 10 minutes after it has no target creatures (because the creatures either moved too far away or died).

Source: Core Rulebook pg. 528 2.0