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Treacherous Scree

Treacherous Scree 3


Complexity: Simple
Stealth: DC 23 (trained)
Description: The footing on this sloped ground appears to be stable at first glance, but the tiny rocks that cover it are loosely packed and prone to slipping.

Disable: DC 20 Survival (trained) to navigate a safe path

Trigger: A creature steps on the unstable ground Effect: Rocks tumble and slip beneath its feet. The triggering creature must attempt a DC 21 Reflex save as they tumble against the rocks, which deal 2d10+13 bludgeoning damage.

Critical Success: The creature takes no damage.
Success: The creature takes half damage and falls prone in its space.
Failure: The creature takes full damage, falls prone in its space, and tumbles down to the bottom of the slope.
Critical Failure: As failure, but double damage.

Source: Gamemastery Guide pg. 77