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Uncommon Dhampir

Many call vampires the children of the night, but it is Dhampirs who can truly claim that title. These mortal offspring of vampires walk the line between life and undeath not just physiologically, but also in their social standing, temperament, and worldview.

The circumstances surrounding a dhampir's birth are rare, complex, and often shrouded in horrific rumors stoked by societal revulsion at the idea of an undead monstrosity producing mortal offspring. Some dhampirs are the child of one mortal and one vampiric parent, while others are born to those who were turned into vampires while pregnant. Still others rise from dark rituals or other supernatural influences that impose a vampiric curse onto a mortal infant. The life of a dhampir is often difficult: few vampiric parents have the time or inclination to raise a mortal child, while mortal communities find a dhampir's sallow flesh, piercing eyes, and unnerving presence off-putting at best.

Despite being living creatures, dhampirs respond to positive and negative energy as if they were undead, making them unwelcome in many holy communities and often driving them toward necromantic arts. Dhampirs aren't immortal, but age far more slowly than most mortals, with a lifespan similar to that of an Elf. Dhampirs have difficulty producing children of their own, and those few born to a dhampir are never dhampirs themselves.

A dhampir generally resembles a member of their non-vampire parent's ancestry, but with a ghostly pallor and eyes so light it seems they have only pinpoint pupils and no iris. All dhampirs have elongated incisors, some nearly as long as those of a true vampire. Many command grace, beauty, and charm, despite their unsettling appearance.

Возможно, вы...

  • Distance yourself from your heritage by trying to blend into society or even hunting undead.
  • Take special precautions to avoid being exposed to “helpful” healing magic.
  • Find yourself fascinated by the sight, smell, or taste of blood.

Другие, скорее всего...

  • Feel unsettled by your ghostly pallor and sharp teeth.
  • Wonder about or even romanticize your origins and motivations.
  • Find themselves strangely drawn to your grace, charm, and appearance.

At 1st level, you gain one ancestry feat, and you gain an additional ancestry feat every 4 levels thereafter (at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th levels). You select from among the following ancestry feats.

Название Уровень Требования Преимущество
Eyes of the Night 1 Low-Light Vision
Fangs 1
Straveika 1
Svetocher 1
Vampire Lore 1
Voice of the Night 1
Enthralling Allure 5
Necromantic Physiology 5
Undead Slayer 5
Bloodletting Fangs 9 Fangs unarmed attack
Night Magic 9
Form of the Bat 13
Symphony of Blood 17