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Empathetic Plea

Empathetic Plea Level 1

Gnome Auditory Emotion Mental Visual

Ancestry: Gnome
Prerequisites: trained in Diplomacy
Frequency: You are attacked by a creature that you haven't yet acted hostile toward. You must use this reaction before the creature rolls its attack.

The way you cringe or use those puppydog eyes you've been practicing elicits an Empathetic Response in the attacker. Attempt a Diplomacy check against your attacker's Will DC.

Critical Success The creature pulls its attack, wasting its action, and can't use Hostile actions against you until the beginning of its next turn.
Success The creature takes a -2 circumstance penalty to damage on the triggering Strike and all its Strikes against you until the beginning of its next turn. The penalty is -4 if you're an expert in Diplomacy, -6 if you're a master, and -8 if you're legendary.
Critical Failure The creature's attack is unaffected, and the creature is temporarily immune to your Empathic Pleas for 24 hours.

Source: Advanced Player's Guide 44