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Confounding Betrayal

Confounding Betrayal 8

Complex Haunt

Complexity: Complex
Stealth: +21 (expert)
Description: Allies appear to shed their disguises and reveal themselves to be malevolent monsters.

Disable: DC 28 Deception (expert) twice to confound the haunt with your own deceptions, or Occultism (trained) twice to create a ward against the haunt’s mental influence

Trigger: Two or more creatures enter the haunt’s area Effect: Each creature sees the forms of nearby creatures shift and change, appearing to transform into fiendish or aberrant beings with a thirst for blood. Each creature in the area must attempt a DC 30 Will save.

Critical Success: The creature sees through the illusions entirely and is temporarily immune to the haunt’s routine for 1 minute.
Success: The creature is unaffected by the strange images.
Failure: The creature believes the illusions to be true; if they become confused by the haunt’s routine, they can’t attempt flat checks to end the confused condition when they take damage.
Critical Failure: As failure, but the creature is left with a lingering suspicion of others and can’t benefit from Aid reactions for 24 hours.

Reset: The haunt deactivates 1 minute after all creatures leave the area but resets immediately thereafter.

Source: Gamemastery Guide pg. 80