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Jealous Abjurer

Jealous Abjurer 11


Complexity: Simple
Stealth: DC 33 (master)
Description: A robe-clad spirit rises out of the floor, pointing an accusing finger.

Disable: DC 36 Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion (master) to convince the spirit that the target’s magical knowledge is too great to be trifled with

(abjuration, arcane) Trigger: A creature that is currently affected by a beneficial spell approaches within 30 feet of the abjurer Effect: Envying the fame and magical prowess of others, the jealous abjurer attempts to engineer a catastrophic failure in the highest-level beneficial spell currently affecting its target. It attempts a counteract check with a +26 modifier. If the counteract check succeeds, the spell is dispelled, and the creature it had been affecting takes 4d12+30 force damage as the spell violently implodes (DC 32 basic Reflex save).

Reset: 1 hour

Source: Gamemastery Guide pg. 79