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Pharaoh's Ward

Pharaoh's Ward 7

Magical Trap

Complexity: Simple
Stealth: DC 25 (expert)
Description: A curse is imbued on an entryway’s threshold.

Disable: Thievery DC 27 (master) to painstakingly remove the lintel without triggering the magic, or dispel magic (4th level; counteract DC 25) to counteract the rune

(curse, divine, necromancy) Trigger: The seal on the tomb is broken from the outside Effect: Each living creature within 60 feet must succeed at a DC 23 Will save or be subjected to the pharaoh’s curse. A cursed creature takes a –2 status penalty to Fortitude saves, and any natural or magical healing it receives is halved. The curse remains until removed by remove curse or similar magic.

Reset: The trap resets when the door is shut

Source: Core Rulebook pg. 524 2.0