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Plummeting Doom

Plummeting Doom 15


Complexity: Simple
Stealth: DC 40 (master) to hear the echoes of a faraway object crashing into the ground
Description: Four vengeful spirits grab interlopers and toss them off the edge of a nearby 120-foot-tall cliff.

Disable: DC 40 Athletics (trained) to push back so forcefully that the spirits fear being thrown off the cliff, or DC 40 Religion (expert) to temporarily seal the spirits away
Until the haunt is defeated, each creature within 60 feet of the cliff’s edge must attempt a DC 40 Will save each time they would spend an action or reaction to Arrest a Fall, Fly, Grab an Edge, or otherwise avoid falling; if they fail the save, the action is disrupted. The haunt automatically attempts to counteract spells that would slow a fall or mitigate the effects of falling, such as feather fall, with a counteract modifier of +32.

(divine, abjuration) Trigger: A creature approaches within 15 feet of the edge of the cliff Effect: Each spirit attempts to throw a creature within 60 feet of the cliff’s edge off the cliff by attempting a check with a +26 modifier against the target’s Fortitude DC. If the haunt succeeds, the target is thrown over the edge of the cliff, where it then falls 120 feet to the ground.

Reset: 1 hour

Source: Gamemastery Guide pg. 79