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Focus spells are a special type of spell attained directly from a branch of study, from a deity, or from another specific source. You can learn focus spells only through special class features or feats, rather than choosing them from a spell list. Furthermore, you cast focus spells using a special pool of Focus Points—you can’t prepare a focus spell in a spell slot or use your spell slots to cast focus spells; similarly, you can’t spend your Focus Points to cast spells that aren’t focus spells. Even some classes that don’t normally grant spellcasting, such as the champion and monk, can grant focus spells.

Name School Level Description
Clinging Ice (con) 1 Freezing sleet and heavy snowfall collect on the target's feet and legs, dealing 1d4 cold damage and other effects depending on its Reflex save.
Discern Secrets (div) 1 You call upon your patron's power to better uncover secrets.
Evil Eye (enc) 1 Your fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex.
Inspire Competence (enc) 1 Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
Inspire Courage (enc) 1 You inspire your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
Nudge Fate (div) 1 You read slightly into the future and give fate a tiny push to achieve the result you desire.
Shroud of Night (evo) 1 Drawing your hand in a sweeping gesture, you shroud the target in a veil of night.
Silver's Refrain (abj) 1 Make weapons silver and impede a devil's teleportation.
Song of Strength (enc) 1 You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
Spirit Object (nec) 1 Using a sliver of Baba Yaga's power, you briefly bring an object to life.
Stoke the Heart (enc) 1 Intense fervor fills the target creature, empowering their blows.
Wilding Word (enc) 1 With a few words, you convince a wild creature you are a kindred spirit, making it reluctant to harm you.
Inspire Defense (enc) 2 You inspire your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
Triple Time (enc) 2 You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies' movement.
Dirge of Doom (enc) 3 Frighten nearby enemies.
Song of Marching (enc) 3 You maintain a brisk performance that keeps allies on the move.
House of Imaginary Walls (ill) 5 You mime creating an invisible stretch of wall adjacent to you and within your reach.
Allegro (enc) 7 You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
Name School Level Description
Adapt Self (tra) 1 You make subtle changes to yourself to adapt to the situation.
Agile Feet (tra) 1 The blessings of your god make your feet faster and your movements more fluid.
Ancestral Memories (div) 1 The memories of long-dead spellcasters grant you knowledge in a specific skill.
Ancestral Touch (enc) 1 You touch a creature and force them to see and feel the ancestors surrounding you.
Angelic Halo (abj) 1 You gain an angelic halo with an aura that increases allies' healing from the heal spell.
Appearance of Wealth (ill) 1 You create a brief vision of immense wealth filling the spell's area.
Athletic Rush (tra) 1 Your body fills with physical power and skill.
Augment Summoning (con) 1 You augment the abilities of a summoned creature.
Bit of Luck (div) 1 You tilt the scales of luck slightly to protect a creature from disaster.
Blind Ambition (enc) 1 You strengthen a target's ambition, increase its resentment of allies, and make its allegiances more susceptible to change.
Blood Ward (abj) 1 You consolidate warding energies with a gesture, guarding a creature against attacks from a certain type of foe.
Brain Drain (enc) 1 You probe the target's mind to glean knowledge.
Cackle (enc) 1 With a quick burst of laughter, you prolong a magical effect you created.
Call of the Grave (nec) 1 You fire a ray of sickening energy.
Call to Arms (enc) 1 You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray.
Charged Javelin (evo) 1 You fire a javelin of electricity that leaves a charged field around its target.
Charming Touch (enc) 1 You infuse your target with attraction, causing it to act friendlier toward you.
Charming Words (enc) 1 You whisper enchanting words to deflect your foe's ire.
Clinging Ice (con) 1 Freezing sleet and heavy snowfall collect on the target's feet and legs, dealing 1d4 cold damage and other effects depending on its Reflex save.
Cloak of Shadow (evo) 1 You drape the target in a mantle of swirling shadows that make it harder to see.
Counter Performance (enc) 1 Use Performance to counter a visual or auditory effect.
Cry of Destruction (evo) 1 Your voice booms, smashing what's in front of you.
Dazzling Flash (evo) 1 You raise your religious symbol and create a blinding flash of light.
Death's Call (nec) 1 Seeing another pass from this world to the next invigorates you.
Delay Consequence (abj) 1 You transpose the moment that the target would be injured to later in its timestream.
Diabolic Edict (enc) 1 You issue a diabolic edict, demanding the target perform a particular task and offering rewards for its fulfillment.
Dim the Light (evo) 1 You magnify the darkness from the triggering effect, causing the ambient light level to flicker briefly so you can slip from sight.
Discern Secrets (div) 1 You call upon your patron's power to better uncover secrets.
Divine Plagues (nec) 1 Your deity sends wracking plagues.
Diviner's Sight (div) 1 You glimpse into the target's future.
Draconic Barrage (evo) 1 You shape energy into one incorporeal tiny dragon that flits around you.
Dragon Claws (tra) 1 Vicious claws grow from your fingers.
Eject Soul (nec) 1 Your touch disrupts the connection between body and soul, possibly forcing the soul out of the body altogether.
Elemental Betrayal (evo) 1 You call upon the elements to undermine your foe.
Elemental Toss (evo) 1 With a flick of your wrist, you fling a chunk of your elemental matter at your foe.
Empty Inside (abj) 1 You inject a sliver of the void into your mind, momentarily remaking it into a bleak and empty place.
Evil Eye (enc) 1 Your fix your eye on the target, imposing a malevolent hex.
Face in the Crowd (ill) 1 While in a crowd of roughly similar creatures, your appearance becomes bland and nondescript.
Faerie Dust (enc) 1 You sprinkle magical dust in the spell's area, making those within easier to trick.
Fire Ray (evo) 1 A blazing band of fire arcs through the air.
Force Bolt (evo) 1 You fire an unerring dart of force from your fingertips.
Forced Quiet (abj) 1 You quiet the target's voice, preventing it from giving away valuable secrets.
Genie's Veil (abj) 1 With a flourish, you fulfill a creature's wish for protection, bending reality to keep them from harm.
Glutton's Jaw (nec) 1 Your mouth transforms into a shadowy maw bristling with pointed teeth.
Goodberry (nec) 1 You imbue the target berry with the bounty of nature, allowing it to heal and sustain far beyond its normal capacity.
Gravity Weapon (evo) 1 You build up gravitational force and funnel it into your blows, leading to more powerful attacks with blade and bow alike.
Hand of the Apprentice (evo) 1 You hurl a held melee weapon, making a spell attack roll.
Heal Animal (nec) 1 You heal an animal's wounds.
Heal Companion (nec) 1 You harness positive energy to heal your animal companion's wounds.
Healer's Blessing (nec) 1 Your words bless a creature with an enhanced connection to positive energy.
Hurtling Stone (evo) 1 You evoke a magical stone and throw it, with your god's presence guiding your aim.
Hymn of Healing (nec) 1 Your divine singing mends wounds and provides a temporary respite from harm.
Hyperfocus (div) 1 You sharpen a creature's senses, though more distant objects become hazy, indistinct, or muted to it.
Incendiary Aura (evo) 1 You surround yourself with a combustible aura.
Inspire Competence (enc) 1 Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
Inspire Courage (enc) 1 You inspire your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
Jealous Hex (nec) 1 You draw forth a hag's innate jealousy to deny a target its greatest attribute.
Ki Rush (tra) 1 Accelerated by your ki, you move with such speed you become a blur.
Ki Strike (tra) 1 You focus your ki into magical attacks.
Lament (enc) 1 You let out your negative emotions in a guttural wail that shakes your enemies' hearts.
Lay on Hands (nec) 1 Your hands become infused with positive energy, healing a living creature or damaging an undead creature with a touch.
Life Boost (nec) 1 You temporarily bolster the target's vitality.
Life Link (nec) 1 You forge a connection of life energy between you and your target, distributing harm between both of you.
Lift Nature's Caul (ill) 1 With a wave of the hand, you cause the targets to see the world around them as if a gauzy lm had been lifted away to expose the truth that lies below their perceived reality.
Lingering Composition (enc) 1 You add a flourish to your composition to extend its benefits.
Loremaster's Etude (div) 1 You call upon your muse's deep mysteries, granting the target a greater ability to think and recall information.
Magic Hide (abj) 1 Your animal companion grows a thicker hide, matted fur, or a harder shell, granting it a +1 status bonus to AC.
Magic's Vessel (enc) 1 A creature becomes a receptacle for pure magical energy sent by your deity.
Moonbeam (evo) 1 You shine a ray of moonlight.
Needle of Vengeance (enc) 1 A long, jagged needle jabs into the target foe's psyche whenever it tries to attack a specifically forbidden creature.
Nudge Fate (div) 1 You read slightly into the future and give fate a tiny push to achieve the result you desire.
Nymph's Token (enc) 1 You grant an ally a token of favor.
Oathkeeper's Insignia (con) 1 A magical indicator assures a creature that you've upheld your end of a bargain.
Object Memory (div) 1 By touching an object, you draw forth the experience of those who created and used it.
Overstuff (tra) 1 Huge amounts of food and drink fill the target.
Parch (evo) 1 Dry winds dehydrate a creature.
Perfected Mind (abj) 1 You meditate upon perfection to remove all distractions from your mind.
Phase Familiar (abj) 1 You draw upon your patron's power to momentarily shift your familiar from its solid, physical form into an ephemeral version of itself shaped of mist.
Physical Boost (tra) 1 You temporarily improve the target's physique.
Practice Makes Perfect (div) 1 Gain a bonus on a failed skill check, which may turn a failure into a success.
Protective Ward (abj) 1 You emanate a shimmering aura of protective magic.
Protector's Sacrifice (abj) 1 You protect your ally by suffering in their stead.
Pushing Gust (con) 1 Giving the air a push, you buffet the target with a powerful gust of wind.
Read Fate (div) 1 You attempt to learn more about the target's fate in the short term.
Redact (tra) 1 You strike mention of a specific name from one or more documents.
Savor the Sting (enc) 1 You inflict pain upon the target and revel in their anguish.
Scholarly Recollection (div) 1 Speaking a short prayer as you gather your thoughts, you're blessed to find that your deity gave you just the right bit of information for your situation.
Sepulchral Mask (div) 1 You manifest a supernatural funerary mask, granting you a +1 status bonus to Will saving throws against emotion effects for 1 minute.
Share Burden (abj) 1 You shoulder some of your ally's pain.
Shroud of Night (evo) 1 Drawing your hand in a sweeping gesture, you shroud the target in a veil of night.
Silver's Refrain (abj) 1 Make weapons silver and impede a devil's teleportation.
Snare Hopping (con) 1 You may not have placed your snare in the right place, but you can magically move it there.
Song of Strength (enc) 1 You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
Soothing Words (enc) 1 You attempt to calm the target by uttering soothing words in a calm and even tone.
Soul Siphon (nec) 1 You siphon off a portion of the target's soul to bolster your own vitality.
Spirit Object (nec) 1 Using a sliver of Baba Yaga's power, you briefly bring an object to life.
Splash of Art (ill) 1 A deluge of colorful illusory paint, tools, or other symbols of art and artisanship drift down in the area.
Spray of Stars (evo) 1 You fling a spray of tiny shooting stars, dealing 1d4 fire damage.
Stoke the Heart (enc) 1 Intense fervor fills the target creature, empowering their blows.
Sudden Shift (abj) 1 You swiftly move from a dangerous spot and veil yourself.
Swarmsense (div) 1 You extend your senses through a multitude of crawling and flying creatures.
Sweet Dream (enc) 1 With soothing song or tales, you lull the target into an enchanting dream.
Tempest Surge (evo) 1 You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.
Tempest Touch (evo) 1 Your touch calls forth a churning mass of icy water that clings to your target, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 cold damage.
Tentacular Limbs (tra) 1 Your arms turn into long, pliable tentacles, increasing your reach when you're delivering touch range spells and making unarmed Strikes with your arms.
Tidal Surge (evo) 1 You call forth a tremendous wave to move the target either in a body of water or on the ground.
Touch of Corruption (nec) 1 You infuse the target with negative energy.
Touch of Obedience (enc) 1 Your imperious touch erodes the target's willpower, making it easier to control.
Touch of Undeath (Cleric) (nec) 1 You attack the target's life force with undeath.
Undeath's Blessing (nec) 1 You instill within a creature the touch of the grave.
Unimpeded Stride (tra) 1 Nothing can hold you in place.
Veil of Confidence (enc) 1 You surround yourself in a veil of confidence.
Veil of Dreams (enc) 1 You draw the target into a drowsy state, causing daydreams and sluggishness.
Vibrant Thorns (tra) 1 Your body sprouts a coat of brambly thorns that harm those that strike you and thrive on life magic.
Walking Nightmare (enc) 1 You fill the creature's mind with a terrifying vision out of its nightmares.
Warped Terrain (ill) 1 You create illusory hazards that cover all surfaces in the area.
Weapon Surge (evo) 1 Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy.
Wild Morph (tra) 1 You morph your body based on your training, choosing one of the following effects based on your wild order feats.
Wild Shape (tra) 1 You infuse yourself with primal essence and transform yourself into another form.
Wilding Word (enc) 1 With a few words, you convince a wild creature you are a kindred spirit, making it reluctant to harm you.
Winter Bolt (evo) 1 You fling a hollow icicle filled with winter's wrath.
Withering Grasp (nec) 1 Your touch rots organic material and decays objects.
Word of Truth (div) 1 You speak a statement you believe to be true and that is free of any attempt to deceive through twisting words, omission, and so on.
Zenith Star (div) 1 You call a tiny star to orbit a creature in a sparkling halo before shooting up into the heavens, where it marks the creature's rough location.
Animal Feature (tra) 2 Without fully transforming your body, you gain one animalistic feature, which you select from the list below each time you Cast the Spell.
Hunter's Luck (div) 2 You have a preternatural ability to remember details about your foes.
Inspire Defense (enc) 2 You inspire your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
Invoke the Crimson Oath (evo) 2 Unleash a blast of ruby light, striking all before you.
Light of Revelation (div) 2 Shed light, granting a bonus to Perception.
Magic Warrior Aspect (tra) 2 Gain the speed and senses of your totem animal.
Magic Warrior Transformation (tra) 2 Transform into your totem animal.
Perfect Strike (div) 2 Reroll a missed unarmed strike.
Soothing Mist (nec) 2 You call forth a magical mist of positive energy that envelops a creature.
Sun Blade (evo) 2 Launch a bolt of divine sunfire.
Triple Time (enc) 2 You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies' movement.
Vision of Weakness (div) 2 You focus your gaze on a creature and gain a flash of divine insight into its nature.
Wholeness of Body (nec) 2 You focus your ki to heal yourself.
Aberrant Whispers (enc) 3 You utter phrases in an unknown tongue, assaulting the minds of those nearby.
Access Lore (div) 3 You sift through the multiverse's divine knowledge, seeking out tidbits related to a particular subject.
Ancestral Defense (abj) 3 Your ancestor protects you against those who would bend your will.
Angelic Wings (evo) 3 Wings of pure light spread out from your back, granting you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Armor of Bones (nec) 3 You ossify your physical form, mimicking the durability of bone.
Battlefield Persistence (div) 3 You're difficult to remove from battle.
Beastmaster Trance (div) 3 You enter a magical trance that allows you to perceive through the senses of the target companion.
Blinding Beauty (enc) 3 You channel the allure of your nymph bloodline into a terribly beautiful glance.
Deceiver's Cloak (ill) 3 You wrap yourself in a cloak of illusion, appearing as another creature of the same body shape with roughly similar height and weight as yourself.
Delay Affliction (nec) 3 With a surge of healing energy, you push back against an affliction threatening the target and grant a small amount of healing.
Dirge of Doom (enc) 3 Frighten nearby enemies.
Dragon Breath (evo) 3 You spew draconic energy from your mouth.
Drain Life (nec) 3 You close your hand and pull life energy from another creature into yourself.
Electrified Crystal Ward (evo) 3 You create an electric latch rune hazard on the target, creating a special crystalline lock on the object.
Elemental Motion (evo) 3 You call upon your element to propel you, improving your Speed depending on your element.
Embrace the Pit (tra) 3 Devil horns grow from your skull.
Ephemeral Tracking (div) 3 You can look at currents in the air and water and see tracks that you can follow just as you would on land.
Extend Spell (div) 3 You call upon your blood's knowledge of the ancients to extend your magic.
Fey Disappearance (enc) 3 You become invisible and ignore natural difficult terrain.
Heart's Desire (ill) 3 You surround your target with wondrous illusions of their greatest desires, which distract them from reality.
Horrific Visage (ill) 3 You briefly transform your features into the horrific visage of a hag, striking fear into your enemies.
Interstellar Void (evo) 3 You call upon the frigid depths of outer space to bring a terrible chill to your enemy.
Ki Blast (evo) 3 You unleash your ki as a powerful blast of force.
Litany against Wrath (evo) 3 Your litany rails against the sin of wrath, punishing the target for attacking good creatures.
Malicious Shadow (evo) 3 You reshape the target's shadow into a deadly form, such as strangling hands, a dangerous weapon, harrying runes, or the like, and command it to attack the target.
Personal Blizzard (con) 3 You summon an isolated blizzard of obscuring, scouring ice to follow your target.
Ranger's Bramble (tra) 3 You cause plants in the area to entangle your foes, with the effects of entangle.
Song of Marching (enc) 3 You maintain a brisk performance that keeps allies on the move.
Spirit Veil (ill) 3 You draw an occluding veil of spirits around yourself, blocking yourself especially well from undead eyes.
Steal Shadow (nec) 3 You steal a creature's shadow, leaving it weakened and vulnerable.
Sun's Fury (evo) 3 The target weapon becomes wreathed in a glowing flame.
Swamp of Sloth (con) 3 Ground in the area turns swampy and fetid.
Thunderburst (evo) 3 You create a powerful blast of air and a loud peal of thunder, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 sonic damage.
Unblinking Flame Revelation (abj) 3 Suppress illusions on your target.
Unbreaking Wave Advance (evo) 3 Unleash a blast of water to push back foes.
Unfolding Wind Rush (evo) 3 Run across the wind.
Untwisting Iron Buffer (abj) 3 Gain temporary hit points.
Whirling Flames (evo) 3 You call forth a storm of whirling flames, engulfing all creatures in that area and dealing 5d6 fire damage with a basic Reflex save.
Abundant Step (con) 4 You move so fast you blur across planar boundaries.
Achaekek's Clutch (nec) 4 You mark the holy symbol of Achaekek in a visible location on the target's body.
Adaptive Ablation (abj) 4 You shift yourself to adapt to the mystical wavelengths of the energy damage, protecting yourself from further harm.
Artistic Flourish (tra) 4 You transform the target to make it match your artisanal and artistic vision.
Asterism (evo) 4 Lines of burning starlight form a constellation around you.
Bottle the Storm (evo) 4 When lightning is turned at you, you store the charge safely within yourself, unleashing it when the time is right.
Captivating Adoration (enc) 4 You become intensely entrancing, and creatures are distracted by you as long as they remain within the area.
Clinging Shadows Stance (evo) 4 You adopt the stance of clinging shadows.
Commanding Lash (enc) 4 With the threat of more pain, you compel a creature you've recently harmed.
Competitive Edge (enc) 4 Your competitiveness drives you to prove yourself against the opposition.
Darkened Eyes (tra) 4 You infuse a creature's vision with darkness.
Debilitating Dichotomy (evo) 4 You reveal a glimpse of the impossible conflicts between the divine anathema behind your curse, forcing you to reckon with another's conflicts as well.
Delusional Pride (enc) 4 You make the target overconfident, leading it to ascribe failure to external factors.
Destructive Aura (evo) 4 Swirling sands of divine devastation surround you, weakening the defenses of all they touch.
Diamond Dust (evo) 4 You supercool the nearby air, forming a cloud of dancing ice crystals in an emanation around you.
Dimensional Steps (con) 4 You teleport a short distance.
Disperse into Air (tra) 4 After taking the triggering damage, you transform into air.
Door to Beyond (con) 4 Striking at thin air, you create hairline cracks in an unoccupied adjacent space that lead somewhere outside reality.
Downpour (evo) 4 You call forth a torrential downpour, which extinguishes non-magical flames.
Dread Aura (enc) 4 You emit an aura of terror.
Dreamer's Call (enc) 4 The target becomes distracted and suggestible, inundated by vivid daydreams.
Dust Storm (con) 4 You call forth a swirling storm of dust.
Dutiful Challenge (abj) 4 As you challenge an enemy, you take some of its attention away from your allies.
Ectoplasmic Interstice (nec) 4 You force the Material and Ethereal Planes to partially overlap, creating a zone that causes incorporeal and spiritual entities to take on many of the aspects of corporeal creatures.
Elemental Tempest (evo) 4 Your spellcasting surrounds you in a storm of elemental energy.
Enduring Might (abj) 4 Your own might mingles with divine power to protect you.
Energy Absorption (abj) 4 You quickly gain resistance to an energy type of your choice.
Enlarge Companion (tra) 4 Your animal companion grows much larger, towering over its foes in battle.
Ephemeral Hazards (ill) 4 You create illusory hazards, such as spinning blades or a puddle of acid.
Eradicate Undeath (nec) 4 A massive deluge of life energy causes the undead to fall apart.
Fallow Field (nec) 4 A sickly yellow light fills the area as entropic forces prevent healing.
Familiar Form (tra) 4 You transform into a Tiny animal that commonly serves as a spellcaster's familiar.
Fearful Feast (nec) 4 You open your mouth wide and inhale sharply; you draw in the bravery, self-confidence, and hope to which the frightened target clings and then strip away the target's false assumption that these fragile emotions can save them from the oblivion of terror.
Flame Barrier (abj) 4 Protect yourself or an ally from fire.
Font of Serenity (abj) 4 A divine beacon radiates serenity, soothing nearby allies.
Foul Miasma (nec) 4 You multiply the disease within a creature, drawing it into an infectious mist outside their body where it can spread to other creatures.
Ghostly Transcription (ill) 4 Glowing letters assemble in the air, providing a transcription of the target's speech in all languages you speak.
Glimpse the Truth (div) 4 Divine insight lets you see things as they truly are.
Inspire Heroics (enc) 4 You call upon your muse to greatly increase the benefits you provide to your allies with your inspire courage or inspire defense composition.
Invisibility Cloak (ill) 4 You become invisible.
Know the Enemy (div) 4 Use a Recall Knowledge action, rolling the appropriate skill check to identify the triggering creature's abilities.
Life Siphon (nec) 4 You use some of the spell's magic to heal yourself.
Localized Quake (tra) 4 You shake the earth, toppling nearby creatures.
Lucky Break (div) 4 Reroll a failed saving throw and use the better result.
Malignant Sustenance (nec) 4 You embed a seed of negative energy in an undead creature, restoring its unnatural vigor.
Mantis Form (tra) 4 Transform into a mantis battle form.
Mystic Beacon (evo) 4 The next damaging or healing spell the target casts becomes more powerful.
Nature's Bounty (con) 4 A palm-sized raw fruit or vegetable appears in your open hand.
Ordained Purpose (enc) 4 You call upon the authority of cosmic forces of order, overwhelming creatures with remorse and agony for acting outside of their station and purpose.
Overflowing Sorrow (enc) 4 Sadness flows out of you into nearby creatures, blotting out any other thoughts they had.
Perfected Form (abj) 4 Reroll a failed saving throw against a morph, petrification, or polymorph effect.
Positive Luminance (nec) 4 Drawing life force into yourself, you become a beacon of positive energy.
Precious Metals (tra) 4 Your deity blesses base metals to transform them into precious materials.
Protector's Sphere (abj) 4 A protective aura emanates out from you, safeguarding you and your allies.
Pulse of the City (div) 4 You tap into the zeitgeist of the nearest settlement in range (if any).
Rebuke Death (nec) 4 You snatch creatures from the jaws of death.
Remember the Lost (div) 4 You call upon the lost and forgotten, assailing your foes' minds with the memories of those who died with a grievance toward them.
Retributive Pain (abj) 4 You vengefully reflect your pain upon your tormentor.
Roar of the Wyrm (enc) 4 You channel the might of dragons into your voice, letting out a roar that engenders respect in dragonkind but that instills fear in most other creatures.
Safeguard Secret (abj) 4 You ensure a secret remains safe from prying spies.
Shared Nightmare (enc) 4 Merging minds with the target, you swap disorienting visions from one another's nightmares.
Shifting Form (tra) 4 You morph to gain an ability of your choice.
Stasis (tra) 4 The flow of time congeals around an object or creature, holding it in place.
Stormwind Flight (tra) 4 Powerful winds carry you smoothly through the air, giving you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Swarm Form (tra) 4 You discorporate into a swarm of Tiny creatures.
Take its Course (nec) 4 When someone has overindulged, you can hasten them past the worst of their affliction or intensify their misery.
Tempt Fate (div) 4 You twist the forces of fate to make a moment dire or uneventful, with no in-between.
Tireless Worker (nec) 4 Temporarily suppress a negative condition.
Touch of the Moon (enc) 4 When you touch the target, a symbol of the moon appears on its forehead, glowing with soft moonlight.
Traveler's Transit (evo) 4 You add power to your muscles, allowing you to swim or climb walls with ease.
Trickster's Twin (ill) 4 You rarely settle for being in just one place.
Unity (abj) 4 You put up a united defense.
Vigilant Eye (div) 4 You create an invisible eye sensor, as clairvoyance.
Wild Winds Stance (evo) 4 You take on the stance of the flowing winds, sending out waves of energy at a distance.
Word of Freedom (enc) 4 You utter a liberating word of power that frees a creature.
Zeal for Battle (enc) 4 You stoke the righteous anger within yourself and an ally.
Abyssal Wrath (evo) 5 You evoke the energy of an Abyssal realm.
Arcane Countermeasure (abj) 5 You undermine the target spell, making it easier to defend against.
Celestial Brand (nec) 5 A blazing symbol appears on the target, marking it for divine justice.
Consuming Darkness (evo) 5 Your shadow wriggles before spreading out from you, forming a gateway of clinging, consuming shadow through which the horrors of another plane can barely be seen.
Curse of Death (nec) 5 You focus your malevolent gaze on a target, causing their heart to seize in dread.
Dance of Darkness (evo) 5 You dance, Striding up to half your Speed.
Dragon Wings (tra) 5 Draconic wings sprout from your back.
Elemental Blast (evo) 5 You gather elemental energy and blast your foes.
Establish Ward (abj) 5 You bind a part of your essence to your surroundings, creating a warded area that grants you power within it, but drains you outside of it.
Fey Glamour (ill) 5 You call upon fey glamours to cloak an area or the targets in illusion.
Glacial Heart (evo) 5 Ice and bone-deep cold assail the target, freezing it from the inside out.
Grasping Grave (nec) 5 Hundreds of skeletal arms erupt from the ground in the area, clawing at creatures within and attempting to hold them in place.
Hellfire Plume (evo) 5 You call forth a plume of hellfire that erupts from below.
House of Imaginary Walls (ill) 5 You mime creating an invisible stretch of wall adjacent to you and within your reach.
Hunter's Vision (div) 5 Your target glows with a magical aura visible only to you and those who follow your lead.
Litany against Sloth (evo) 5 Your litany rails against the sin of sloth, interfering with the target's ability to react.
Litany of Self-Interest (enc) 5 You give a speech that fills your target with a drive to improve themself to the exclusion of assisting others.
Ode to Ouroboros (nec) 5 Your ode temporarily staves off death.
Restorative Moment (nec) 5 You manipulate the threads of time around the target, giving them some of the benefits of a day's passage.
Shadow Illusion (ill) 5 You create a shadowy illusion of a creature or a stationary object, but the illusion can exist only in an area of dim light or darkness.
Shadow Jump (con) 5 You instantly transport yourself from one shadow to another.
Shall Not Falter, Shall Not Rout (nec) 5 Calling out the fifth line of the Crimson Oath, you seal your most grievous injuries with a stroke of your blade.
Shepherd of Souls (nec) 5 You stay the hand of fate for one not yet destined to die, sacrificing some of your own vitality to heal them.
Spellmaster's Ward (abj) 5 You create one or more glowing protective runes that revolve around you.
Steal the Sky (evo) 5 You deny a flying creature the support of the air.
Symphony of the Unfettered Heart (abj) 5 Your symphony lifts listeners from their worldly concerns.
Terrain Transposition (con) 5 You mystically transpose your current location with another.
Unusual Anatomy (tra) 5 You transform your flesh and organs into a bizarre amalgam.
Wind Jump (tra) 5 You gain a fly Speed equal to your Speed.
Wish-Twisted Form (tra) 5 You focus your magic upon an enemy, wishing for their defenses to fail and turning their strengths into weaknesses.
You're Mine (enc) 5 You manipulate the target's emotions, potentially allowing you to control it for a brief instant.
Ancestral Form (tra) 6 You take the form of your ancestral spirits, becoming invisible and quasi-corporeal.
Champion's Sacrifice (abj) 6 You form a link with an ally, allowing you to take harm in their stead.
Claim Undead (nec) 6 You attempt to wrest control of a target undead or force it to recognize you as its master.
Dread Secret (div) 6 You utter a powerful secret at odds with the fundamental nature of the target creatures.
Flaming Fusillade (evo) 6 You call upon an endless barrage of flames, producing miniature fireballs in your hands to hurl at foes.
Heroic Feat (div) 6 You gain the ability to perform a specialized combat technique from the vast wealth of martial knowledge your mystery provides.
Life-Giving Form (nec) 6 You transcend your physical form, becoming a beacon of healing energy.
Moonlight Bridge (con) 6 You summon a bridge of radiant, shimmering moonlight.
Primal Summons (con) 6 You enhance a summoned creature with the power of the elements.
Speaking Sky (div) 6 The air speaks to you.
Tempest Form (tra) 6 Your body becomes fluid to better suit your surroundings.
Allegro (enc) 7 You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
Litany of Depravity (evo) 7 Your litany calls into question the morals your foe claims to hold dear.
Litany of Righteousness (evo) 7 Your litany denounces an evildoer, rendering it susceptible to the powers of good.
Shadow's Web (evo) 7 Grasping darkness surges from you, dealing 14d4 negative damage.
Soothing Ballade (enc) 7 You draw upon your muse to soothe your allies.
Impaling Briars (con) 8 The ground within the area transforms into a mass of dangerous briars that assault and impede your foes.
Medusa's Wrath (tra) 8 You make an attack filled with a medusa's petrifying power.
Quivering Palm (nec) 8 Your strikes can kill foes with a precise and powerful strike.
Empty Body (con) 9 You turn ethereal, with the effects of ethereal jaunt, but you don't need to concentrate.
Ki Form None 9 Drawing from deep wells of spiritual power, you take on a special ki form.
Storm Lord (evo) 9 The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.
Apex Companion (tra) 10 Transform your animal companion into an apex form.
Fatal Aria (enc) 10 You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.
Hero's Defiance (nec) 10 You shout in defiance, filling you with a sudden burst of healing.
Pied Piping (enc) 10 Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.
Song of the Fallen (nec) 10 Rouse the dead or smite the undead.