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All kinds of experiences and training can shape your character beyond what you learn by advancing in your class. Abilities that require a degree of training but can be learned by anyone—not only members of certain ancestries or classes—are called general feats.

Name Level Prerequisites Benefits
Acrobatic Performer 1 trained in Acrobatics Use Acrobatics to Perform.
Additional Lore 1 trained in Lore Become trained in another Lore subcategory.
Adopted Ancestry 1 Gain access to ancestry feats from another ancestry.
Alchemical Crafting 1 trained in Crafting Craft alchemical items.
Arcane Sense 1 trained in Arcana Cast detect magic at will as an arcane innate spell.
Armor Assist 1 trained in Athletics or Warfare Lore Don armor more quickly.
Armor Proficiency 1 Become trained in a type of armor.
Assurance 1 trained in at least one skill Receive a fixed result on a skill check.
Bargain Hunter 1 trained in Diplomacy Earn Income by searching for deals.
Battle Medicine 1 trained in Medicine Heal yourself or an ally in battle.
Bon Mot 1 trained in Diplomacy Distract a foe with a witty quip.
Breath Control 1 Hold your breath longer and gain benefits against inhaled threats.
Canny Acumen 1 Become an expert in a saving throw or Perception.
Cat Fall 1 trained in Acrobatics Treat falls as shorter than they are.
Charlatan 1 trained in Deception You've learned to mimic the abilities of spellcasters by studying their flourishes and words
Charming Liar 1 trained in Deception Improve a target's attitude with your lies.
Combat Climber 1 trained in Athletics Fight more effectively as you Climb.
Concealing Legerdemain 1 trained in Thievery Conceal an Object using Stealth instead of Thievery.
Courtly Graces 1 trained in Society Use Society to get along in noble society.
Crafter's Appraisal 1 trained in Crafting Use Crafting to identify magic items.
Deceptive Worship 1 trained in Occultism Pass yourself off as a member of a religion.
Diehard 1 Die at dying 5, rather than dying 4.
Different Worlds 1 ability to select ancestry feats from multiple ancestries Create a second identity for yourself with a different name, history, and background.
Dubious Knowledge 1 trained in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action Learn true and erroneous knowledge on failed check.
Experienced Professional 1 trained in Lore Prevent critical failures when Earning Income.
Experienced Smuggler 1 trained in Stealth Conceal items from observers more effectively.
Experienced Tracker 1 trained in Survival Track at your full Speed at a -5 penalty.
Express Rider 1 trained in Nature Increase your mount's travel speed.
Eye for Numbers 1 trained in Society +2 to Decipher Writing about math and count items quickly.
Fascinating Performance 1 trained in Performance Perform to fascinate observers.
Fast Recovery 1 Constitution 14 Regain more HP from rest, recover faster from disease and poisons.
Feather Step 1 Dexterity 14 Step into difficult terrain.
Fleet 1 Increase your Speed by 5 feet.
Forager 1 trained in Survival Forage for supplies to provide for multiple creatures.
Forensic Acumen 1 trained in Medicine Rapidly examine a body and Recall Knowledge about it.
Glean Contents 1 trained in Society Decipher Writing even when you can't see the document well.
Group Coercion 1 trained in Intimidation Coerce multiple targets simultaneously.
Group Impression 1 trained in Diplomacy Make an Impression on multiple targets at once.
Hefty Hauler 1 trained in Athletics Increase your Bulk limits by 2.
Hobnobber 1 trained in Diplomacy Gather Information rapidly.
Impressive Performance 1 trained in Performance Make an Impression with Performance.
Improvise Tool 1 trained in Crafting Craft basic tools without a basic crafter's book.
Incredible Initiative 1 +2 to initiative rolls.
Inoculation 1 trained in Medicine Grant patients +2 to saves against getting a disease again.
Intimidating Glare 1 trained in Intimidation Demoralize a creature without speaking.
Lengthy Diversion 1 trained in Deception Remain hidden after you Create a Diversion.
Lie to Me 1 trained in Deception Use Deception to detect lies.
Medical Researcher 1 trained in Medicine Kassi has taught you not only how to apply medicines with your medical skills but how to craft them as well.
Multilingual 1 trained in Society Learn two new languages.
Natural Medicine 1 trained in Nature Use Nature to Treat Wounds.
No Cause for Alarm 1 trained in Diplomacy Reduce creatures' frightened condition values.
Oddity Identification 1 trained in Occultism +2 to Occultism checks to Identify Magic with certain traits.
Pickpocket 1 trained in Thievery Steal or Palm an Object more effectively.
Pilgrim's Token 1 trained in Religion A religious token lets you act first on a tie for initiative.
Quick Coercion 1 trained in Intimidation Coerce a creature quickly.
Quick Identification 1 trained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism or Religion Identify Magic in 1 minute or less.
Quick Jump 1 trained in Athletics High Jump or Long Jump as a single action.
Quick Repair 1 trained in Crafting Repair items quickly.
Quick Squeeze 1 trained in Acrobatics Move swiftly as you Squeeze.
Ravening's Desperation 1 trained in Zevgavizeb Lore Your study of the Beast of Gluttondark has taught you how to make do in the most trying of circumstances rather than succumb to weakness.
Read Lips 1 trained in Society Read the lips of people you can see.
Recognize Spell 1 trained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion Identify a spell as a reaction as it's being cast.
Ride 1 Automatically succeed at commanding your mount to move.
Risky Surgery 1 trained in Medicine Deal damage to a patient to gain +2 to Treat Wounds.
Root Magic 1 trained in Occultism Create a token that grants a bonus against a spell or haunt.
Schooled in Secrets 1 trained in Occultism Gather Information about secret societies and mystery cults.
Seasoned 1 trained in Alcohol Lore, Cooking Lore, or Crafting +1 to Craft food and drink, including potions.
Secret Speech 1 trained in Deception Learn the secret language of a society.
Shield Block 1 Ward off a blow with your shield.
Sign Language 1 trained in Society Learn sign languages.
Skill Training 1 Intelligence 12 Become trained in a skill.
Snare Crafting 1 trained in Crafting Craft snares.
Specialty Crafting 1 trained in Crafting Gain bonuses to Craft certain items.
Steady Balance 1 trained in Acrobatics Maintain your balance in adverse conditions.
Streetwise 1 trained in Society Use Society to Gather Information and Recall Knowledge.
Student of the Canon 1 trained in Religion More accurately recognize the tenets of your faith or philosophy.
Subtle Theft 1 trained in Thievery Your thefts are harder to notice.
Survey Wildlife 1 trained in Survival Identify nearby creatures through signs and clues.
Terrain Expertise 1 trained in Survival +1 to Survival checks in certain terrain.
Terrain Stalker 1 trained in Stealth Sneak in certain terrain without attempting a check.
Titan Wrestler 1 trained in Athletics Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip larger creatures.
Toughness 1 Increase your maximum HP and reduce the DCs of recovery checks.
Train Animal 1 trained in Nature Teach an animal a trick.
Trick Magic Item 1 trained in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion Activate a magic item you normally can't activate.
Underwater Marauder 1 trained in Athletics Fight more effectively underwater.
Virtuosic Performer 1 trained in Performance +1 with a certain type of performance.
Weapon Proficiency 1 Become trained in a weapon type.
Armored Stealth 2 expert in Stealth Reduce the Stealth penalty of your armor.
Assured Identification 2 expert in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion Avoid misidentifying magic.
Automatic Knowledge 2 expert in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action, Assurance in that skill Recall Knowledge as a free action once per round.
Backup Disguise 2 expert in Deception You have a specific disguise that you keep at the ready, worn underneath your outer garment.
Battle Planner 2 expert in Warfare Lore Make a battle plan and roll Warfare Lore for initiative.
Bonded Animal 2 expert in Nature An animal becomes permanently helpful to you.
Confabulator 2 expert in Deception Reduce the bonuses against your repeated lies.
Connections 2 expert in Society, Courtly Graces Leverage your connections for favors and meetings.
Continual Recovery 2 expert in Medicine Treat Wounds on a patient more often.
Criminal Connections 2 expert in Society, Streetwise Leverage your underworld connections for favors from criminals.
Discreet Inquiry 2 expert in Deception or Diplomacy Gather Information without revealing your motive.
Distracting Performance 2 expert in Performance Create a Diversion for an ally.
Encouraging Words 2 trained in Diplomacy You give an ally a quick pep talk, helping them recover.
Exhort the Faithful 2 expert in Religion, follower of a specific religion +2 to Request something of or Coerce members of your own faith.
Eye of the Arclords 2 expert in Arcana, Arcane Sense The Arclords of Nex have achieved a
unique mastery of magic.
Glad-Hand 2 expert in Diplomacy Make an Impression on a target you've just met.
Godless Healing 2 Battle Medicine, can't have a Patron deity With limited access to divine healing magic, Rahadoumi often become adept at
using ordinary medicine for when dangerous situations arise.
Intimidating Prowess 2 Strength 16, expert in Intimidation Gain a bonus to physically Demoralize a target.
Juggle 2 Dexterity 16, trained in Performance You can Juggle items and still use your hands between tosses.
Lasting Coercion 2 expert in Intimidation Coerce a target into helping you longer.
Lead Climber 2 expert in Athletics Make Climbing safer for allies who Follow the Expert.
Magical Crafting 2 expert in Crafting Craft magic items.
Magical Shorthand 2 expert in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion Expert in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, Learn spells quickly and at a reduced cost.
Mortal Healing 2 Godless Healing, you follow the Laws of Mortality You grant greater healing when the gods don't interfere
Nimble Crawl 2 expert in Acrobatics Crawl at a faster rate.
Powerful Leap 2 expert in Athletics Jump farther and higher.
Quick Contacts 2 expert in Society; Connections or Underworld Connections Spend only 1 day to use Connections or Underworld Connections.
Quick Disguise 2 expert in Deception Set up a disguise in only half the time.
Quiet Allies 2 expert in Stealth Roll a single Stealth check when sneaking with allies.
Rapid Mantel 2 expert in Athletics Pull yourself onto ledges quickly.
Robust Recovery 2 expert in Medicine Greater benefits from Treat Disease and Treat Poison.
Shadow Mark 2 expert in Stealth Targets you're following take a penalty to notice you.
Sow Rumor 2 expert in Deception You spread rumors, which may or may not be true, about a specific subject.
Terrifying Resistance 2 expert in Intimidation +1 to spell saves from a creature you've Demoralized.
Tweak Appearances 2 expert in Crafting You can alter a creature's clothing to improve their social impact.
Underground Network 2 expert in Society, Streetwise Gather Information without drawing attention and gain a bonus to Recall Knowledge about that subject.
Unmistakable Lore 2 expert in Lore Recall Knowledge about your Lore more effectively.
Ward Medic 2 expert in Medicine Treat several patients at once.
Wary Disarmament 2 expert in Thievery +2 to AC or saves against devices or traps you trigger while disarming.
Wilderness Spotter 2 expert in Survival Use Survival for your Initiative when in a specific terrain.
Ancestral Paragon 3 Gain a 1st-level ancestry feat.
Hireling Manager 3 Charisma 14 Hirelings gain +2 to skill checks.
Improvised Repair 3 - Quickly patch a broken item.
Keen Follower 3 - Improve bonuses when you Follow the Expert.
Pick up the Pace 3 Constitution 14 Your group can Hustle for up to 20 minutes longer.
Prescient Planner 3 - Procure a piece of adventuring gear.
Skitter 3 Dexterity 16, Fleet Crawl up to half your Speed.
Steel Your Resolve 3 - Regain Stamina Points equal to half your maximum.
Thorough Search 3 expert in Perception +2 to Perception when you spend twice as long Searching.
Untrained Improvisation 3 - Become more adept at using untrained skills.
Fey Influence 5
Advanced First Aid 7 master in Medicine Use First Aid to reduce frightened and sickened condition values.
Aerobatics Mastery 7 master in Acrobatics Improve your ability to Maneuver in Flight.
Battle Cry 7 master in Intimidation Demoralizes foes when you roll for initiative.
Battle Prayer 7 master in Religion, you follow a deity Calling out to your deity, you recite scripture to harm a foe
Biographical Eye 7 master in Society Intuit details about someone's profession and residence.
Bizarre Magic 7 master in Occultism Your magic becomes more difficult to identify.
Bless Tonic 7 master in Crafting, deity who grants heal Divine Font You channel positive energy into restoratives that ward against harm
Bless Toxin 7 master in Crafting, deity who grants harm Divine Font You pour negative energy into toxins you create to further debilitate your targets
Consult the Spirits 7 master in Nature, Occultism, or Religion Learn about your environment from resident spirits.
Disturbing Knowledge 7 master in Occultism Frighten foes with occult secrets.
Doublespeak 7 master at Deception Pass a secret message to allies in your conversation.
Entourage 7 master in Diplomacy, Hobnobber You have a small group of admirers who tend to follow you around while you're in civilized settlements.
Environmental Grace 7 master in Survival; deity who grants the cold, fire, Nature, or travel domain You rapidly adapt to environments through a combination of skill, meditation, and divine grace
Evangelize 7 master in Diplomacy, you follow a deity or philosophy You point out a detail that incontrovertibly supports your faith, causing a listener's mind to whirl
Expeditious Search 7 master in Perception Search areas in half the time.
Foil Senses 7 master in Stealth Take precautions against special senses.
Impeccable Crafter 7 master in Crafting, Specialty Crafting Specialty Crafting Craft items more efficiently.
Influence Nature 7 master in Nature Influence the behavior of certain animals in the area.
Inventor 7 master in Crafting Use Crafting to create item formulas.
Kip Up 7 master in Acrobatics Stand up for free without triggering reactions.
Numb to Death 7 Diehard, you have died at least once Your past has left you numb to death's call
Paragon Battle Medicine 7 Battle Medicine, master in Medicine Kassi Aziril taught you her techniques that originated the modern use of Battle Medicine.
Planar Survival 7 master in Survival Use Survival to Subsist on different planes.
Prescient Consumable 7 Prescient Planner Procure consumable items with Prescient Planner.
Quick Climber 7 master in Athletics Climb swiftly.
Quick Recognition 7 master in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion; Recognize Spell Master in Arcana, Nature, Occultism, Identify spells as a free action.
Quick Swim 7 master in Athletics Swim quickly.
Quick Unlock 7 master in Thievery Pick a Lock with 1 action.
Rapid Affixture 7 master in Crafting Affix a Talisman in less time.
Sacred Defense 7 master in Religion, you follow a deity You call upon your deity to grant you their protective blessing
Sanctify Water 7 master in Religion, good or evil deity You imbue water with your deity's blessing
Shameless Request 7 master in Diplomacy Make Requests of others with lesser consequences.
Slippery Secrets 7 master in Deception Evade attempts to uncover your true nature.
Supertaster 7 master in Perception Gain secret checks to detect poison by taste.
Swift Sneak 7 master in Stealth Move your full Speed while you Sneak.
Terrified Retreat 7 master in Intimidation Cause foes you Demoralize to flee.
Wall Jump 7 master in Athletics Jump of walls.
Water Sprint 7 master in Athletics Stride across the surface of a body of water.
A Home in Every Port 11 Charisma 16 Spend downtime to gain free lodging for a night.
Caravan Leader 11 Constitution 18, Pick Up The Pace Your group can Hustle for much longer.
Incredible Investiture 11 Charisma 16 Invest up to 12 magic items.
Incredible Scout 11 master in Perception Grant allies +2 to initiative rolls when Scouting.
Cloud Jump 15 legendary in Athletics Jump impossible distances.
Craft Anything 15 legendary in Crafting Ignore most requirements for crafting items.
Divine Guidance 15 legendary in Religion Find guidance in the writings of your faith.
Legendary Codebreaker 15 legendary in Society Quickly Decipher Writing using Society.
Legendary Guide 15 legendary in Survival Increase your party's travel speed through wilderness terrain
Legendary Linguist 15 legendary in Society, Multilingual Create pidgin languages to communicate with anyone.
Legendary Medic 15 legendary in Medicine Remove disease or the blinded, deafened, doomed, or drained condition.
Legendary Negotiation 15 legendary in Diplomacy Quickly parley with foes.
Legendary Performer 15 legendary in Performance, Virtuosic Performer Gain renown for your Performance Virtuosic Performer.
Legendary Professional 15 legendary in Lore Gain renown for your Lore.
Legendary Sneak 15 legendary in Stealth, Swift Sneak Hide and Sneak without cover or being concealed.
Legendary Survivalist 15 legendary in Survival Survive extreme conditions.
Legendary Thief 15 legendary in Thievery, Pickpocket Steal what would normally be impossible to steal.
Reveal Machinations 15 legendary in Deception You convince a creature that you played a minor but recurring role in its life.
Scare to Death 15 legendary in Intimidation Scare a target so much, they might die.
Unified Theory 15 legendary in Arcana Use Arcana for checks for all magical traditions.
True Perception 19 legendary in Perception Gain constant effects of true seeing.