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  • 05.07.21: Запуск сайта!

    Добавлен перевод основной книги правил на русском языке от группы ВК "Вторая редакция".
    Добавлен контент из следующих книг: Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-03: Escaping the Grave, Age of Ashes Player's Guide, Bestiary, Core Rulebook, Pathfinder #145: Hellknight Hill, The Fall of Plaguestone, Organized Play Foundation, World Guide, Pathfinder #146: Cult of Cinders, Pathfinder Society Quest #2: Unforgiving Fire, Character Guide, Pathfinder #148: Fires of the Haunted City, Pathfinder #150: Broken Promises, Extinction Curse Player's Guide, Pathfinder Society Quest #5: The Dragon Who Stole Evoking Day, Gods & Magic, Gods & Magic - Web Supplement, Pathfinder #151: The Show Must Go On, Gamemastery Guide, Pathfinder #152: Legacy of the Lost God, Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-15: The Blooming Catastrophe, Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-17: The Perennial Crown Part 2, The Thorned Monarch, Pathfinder #153: Life's Long Shadow, Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-19: Iolite Squad Alpha, Pathfinder #154: Siege of the Dinosaurs, Pathfinder Society Quest #10: The Broken Scales, Bestiary 2, Pathfinder #155: Lord of the Black Sands, Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet, Agents of Edgewatch Player's Guide, Little Trouble in Big Absalom, Advanced Player's Guide, Legends, Pathfinder #157: Devil at the Dreaming Palace, Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-24: Lightning Strikes, Stars Fall, The Slithering, Pathfinder #158: Sixty Feet Under, Pathfinder #159: All or Nothing, Pathfinder #147: Tomorrow Must Burn, Pathfinder #160: Assault on Hunting Lodge Seven, Pathfinder Society Guide, Pathfinder Beginner Box: Game Master's Guide, Pathfinder Beginner Box: Hero's Handbook, Pathfinder #149: Against the Scarlet Triad, Pathfinder #161: Belly of the Black Whale, Troubles in Otari, Pathfinder #162: Ruins of the Radiant Siege, Abomination Vaults Player's Guide, Pathfinder #163: Ruins of Gauntlight, Pathfinder #164: Hands of the Devil, Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Player's Guide, Pathfinder #165: Eyes of Empty Death.