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Anyone can worship a deity, but those who do so devoutly should take care to pursue the faith’s edicts (behaviors the faith encourages) and avoid its anathemas (actions considered blasphemous). Each deity below has their alignment listed in parentheses after their name, followed by a short description and their edicts, anathemas, and the alignments permitted for followers. Following that are benefits available to the most ardent devotees of the deities. You get these benefits only if you’re a cleric of the deity or some other rule specifically gives you a devotee benefit.

Name Alignment Divine Font Domains Favored Weapon
Abadar LN Harm or Heal Cities, Earth, Travel, Wealth Crossbow
Asmodeus LE Harm Confidence, Fire, Trickery, Tyranny Mace
Calistria CN Harm or Heal Pain, Passion, Secrecy, Trickery Whip
Cayden Cailean CG Heal Cities, Freedom, Indulgence, Might Rapier
Desna CG Heal Dreams, Luck, Moon, Travel Starknife
Erastil LG Heal Earth, Family, Nature, Wealth Longbow
Gorum CN Harm or Heal Confidence, Destruction, Might, Zeal Greatsword
Gozreh N Heal Air, Nature, Travel, Water Trident
Iomedae LG Heal Confidence, Might, Truth, Zeal Longsword
Irori LN Harm or Heal Knowledge, Might, Perfection, Truth Fist
Lamashtu CE Harm or Heal Family, Might, Nightmares, Trickery Falchion
Nethys N Harm or Heal Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection Staff
Norgorber NE Harm Death, Secrecy, Trickery, Wealth Shortsword
Pharasma N Heal Death, Fate, Healing, Knowledge Dagger
Rovagug CE Harm Air, Destruction, Earth, Zeal Greataxe
Sarenrae NG Heal Fire, Healing, Sun, Truth Scimitar
Shelyn NG Heal Creation, Family, Passion, Protection Glaive
Torag LG Heal Creation, Earth, Family, Protection Warhammer
Urgathoa NE Harm Indulgence, Magic, Might, Undeath Scythe
Zon-Kuthon LE Harm Ambition, Darkness, Destruction, Pain Spiked Chain